Common Uses for 420F Stainless Steel

stainlessStainless Steel 420F is a free machining version of 420 stainless. 420 is a hardenable chromium steel which is a general purpose cutlery grade. With the addition of sulfur, free machining characteristics are imposed upon the stainless which aids in consistency as well as lowers costs for tooling.

Applications. 420F is often used in dental and surgical instruments, cutlery, pump shafts, gears, pinions, cams and valves, steel balls and various hand tools. It is not recommended for applications where high surface finishes are required such as high pressure vessels or plastic molds.

Machinability. With the addition of sulfur or manganese rich sulphides (selenides), which are evenly distributed through the steel, these additions act as chip breakers for machining operations and can offer higher machining speeds and improve cutting tool life.

Applications of 420F stainless steel are predominately for machine shops and tooling. At Alliant Metals Inc. we are one of the few distributors of this grade that carry round bar stock from 3 inch to 12 inches in diameter. If you cannot find a size or form of 420 or 420F needed for your applications or If you have questions regarding more details of 420F stainless steel, give us a call today at (800) 543-1453.

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