How Has Stainless Steel Changed the World?

17-4 stainless steel

Did you know that stainless steel was created on August 13, 1913? In so many ways this metal has impacted our lives throughout the years. Alliant Metals specializes in products like 420F , 420 stainless steel, 300 series, 17-4ph stainless steel because we understand and appreciate all the ways it has benefited society. In just over a century, we can think of a handful of ways this metal has changed the world’s industries.


Stainless steel has a strong presence with the food industry. Used often for kitchen products, this metal also serves for industrial surfaces. Stainless steel does not impact the flavor of the food like other metals, making it an ideal choice. Further, stainless steel has the corrosion resistance necessary for specific foods and is easy to clean.


Created with concerns for sterile environments and successful procedures in mind, stainless steel is ideal for surgical and dental instruments. It also works well for various other medical items like operating tables. With its corrosion resistance and simple maintenance, stainless steel is ideal for ensuring a sterile environment.


When a builder, homeowner, or any other person looking to improve the structural integrity of their home looks for the right products, they typically are advised to use stainless steel. Stainless steel has the durability, resilience, strength, and other similar qualities necessary for construction in today’s world. Other natural products, like wood, iron and galvanized steel cannot compare.


Stainless steel has been part of car creation for some time, though use has increased in recent years. To keep up with emission standards, stainless steel is now utilized in more components of a vehicle. With established strength and corrosion resistance, stainless steel reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Since 1987, Alliant Metals has been serving customers nationwide with the highest quality metals, including stainless steel. We provide a variety of alloys, grades, and forms for diverse metal applications, and want to be your distributor for your next groundbreaking project involving stainless steel products.

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