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What Industries Use Stainless Steel?

A wide variety of industries use stainless steel. The steel can be a part of a product or used in manufacturing. Does your industry need stainless steel? Food processing This metal is used in food processing machines to keep a sterile environment. Bacteria are unable to survive on stainless steel, so it won’t affect the … Continue reading What Industries Use Stainless Steel?

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How Has Stainless Steel Changed the World?

We’ve recently passed the 103rd anniversary of stainless steel’s creation, and there are so many ways this metal has impacted our lives throughout the years. Alliant Metals specializes in products like 420F , 420 stainless steel, 300 series, 17-4 because we understand and appreciate all the ways it has benefited society. In just over a century, we can think of a handful of ways this metal has changed the world’s industries.

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Common Uses for 316 Stainless Steel

Known for its resistance to corrosion and other elements, 316 stainless steel is a common option for many of Alliant Metal’s customers. This go-to product is a great option within so many industries because it can easy apply within a number of settings. Knowing the limits and needed durability of your metals is essential to … Continue reading Common Uses for 316 Stainless Steel

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