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Alliant Metals Inc. is the nation’s most dependable distributor of stainless steel. We’ve been reliably and efficiently providing raw materials from coast to coast for over 30 years and have consistently proven our commitment to the highest standard of quality service.

Using our expertise in various grades, alloys, and forms, we serve several industry verticals, including construction, automotive and transportation, industrial machinery, food and beverage, and more. Due to the tremendous results we deliver and our ability to implement cutting edge solutions, we have gained a prominent reputation in the metals industry.

If you’re still uncertain about what kind of service or product is right for you, call us. You won’t find anyone with the level of experience or depth of knowledge than the staff at Alliant Metals. We can save you time and money not only with our aptitude in the field but with a special “pre-finished” raw product that reduces your processing time.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Inventory and Alloys
  • BAR (Round, Flat, Hex, Square) PIPE,




  • No Minimum Order,
  • Deburr All cut pieces,
  • Exceptional Delivery,
  • Original Mill Test Reports,
  • QC Compliant to MIL-I-45208a

Metal Distributors with a Three Decade Legacy of Reliability

Alliant Metals Inc. is a nationwide distributor of stainless steel with over 30 years experience in the metals industry. Alliant is both prepared and qualified to service your raw material requirements and with our value-added service provide a “pre-finished” raw product that reduces your processing time.

As leading metal distributors, we cater to the requirements of industry verticals including but not limited to construction, automotive and transportation, industrial machinery, food and beverage, and more. We have gained a veritable reputation for implementing solutions that are on the cutting edge of the stainless steel industry. This aspect reflects in both, our products and services.

Alliant stands among the most sought after stainless steel distributor, offering all Grades and Specs in stainless and can provide other alloys and processes you may require as well. As a distributor we have vast resources and the means to source all the variety of alloys you may require.

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