Ask for REM’s (remnants) or DROP’s which are typically available at a lower cost and delivery is available.

The ‘L’ means Lower Carbon which is better for welding. Maximum Carbon on “L” grade is .030

Ask for a micrometer reading on the bar if needed because it is not adviseable to try to finish on the size purchased. Bars are not perfectly round, straight or square

Yes. We can usually process a credit application within 24-48 business hours as most vendors require us to fax our requests. So to expedite deliveries we also accept Mastercard/Visa/American Express. If you are within our delivery zone we also accept CODs. Our General Terms and Conditions must be signed prior to any material shipping.
Our terms are 2% 10, Net 30 which is a very generous discount term for our industry!

We have no minimums. We will provide you with any quantity or weights as needed.

We use our Alliant trucks to deliver to most of New England with a small fuel surcharge which varies based upon the cost of fuel. Currently $5.95 per order delivered. If we cannot use our trucks we have accounts with UPS and several other common carriers. The cost to ship would be FOB: Hampstead and is based upon weight/packaging and distance (zip code) unless other arrangements are made.

We are compliant to MIL-I-45208a. Please check out our QC Tab for specific information and our calibration methodology complies to ISO 10012-1 provided by Hunt Metrology.

We provide Original Mill Test reports free of charge with every stainless order and upon request will also provide Alliant Certificates of Compliance (C of C)

See our Machinability Rating Chart under our FORMS tab

400 series and PH series (17-4 PH, 15-5 PH) are magnetic
300 series is non-magnetic although 303 can sometimes show slight magnetism
due to cold working on small sizes.

400 series and PH series are heat treatable.
300 series is NOT heat treatable

When purchasing full lengths the Mills process/cut them at Random Lengths (R/L) which can vary plus/minus 10% of a 12 foot or 20 foot length (pipe/tubing) Therefore we charge by the LB for accuracy. If you require exact cut lengths there will be a cutting charge included due to the extra processing incurred. Unless specified, we will charge R/L at per LB pricing.

When calling for tubing request WELDED or SEAMLESS before sizing. Pipe and Tube lengths are typically 20 feet long (20′ R/L) but can come in 24′ R/L as well.
Pipe and Tube is always priced on R/L’s by the FT or INCH and NEVER by the weight. Note as well that the OD (outer diameter) has a plus/minus tolerance and the wall thickness is usually a percentage of the thickness. Don’t try to make one fit in another.

Here is a quick chart for your reference



























































DFAR [DFAR 252.225.7014 (Act1)] indicates that material must be melted or manufactured in a qualified country. It is a set of restrictions on the origination of raw materials intended to protect the US defense industry from dependency on foreign suppliers. See our DFARs form showing the qualified countries that are compliant. We are seeing more and more customers requesting DOMESTIC or DFARS and are happy to oblige.

420F stands for FREE MACHINING
We stock many sizes of each grade. When using in mold application, 420 will
polish better. 420 can also be called out as 420 ESR (electro slag remelt)

We can cut up to 2.5 inch thick material with our in-house plasma cut, and 4 inch thick with our water jet cut. Our Water jet bed is 72 inches x 144 inches or [6 ft x 12 ft] Our Plasma bed is 132 inches x 264 inches or [11 ft x 22 ft]

The major difference is in finish quality, tolerance and pricing. See our Waterjet Brochure for detailed description under the “Docs tab”. Depending on the finish requirements the tolerance will determine which process to use. Also, the cut-edge quality varies by thickness but is significantly better on the Waterjet and Laser Cut processing versus Plasma. We waterjet to a near net-shape part and there is no heat affected area. The tolerance for plasma cuts are usually stated as Plasma Cut “TO THE PLUS” and a waterjet tolerance is standard at +/- .010.

**When quoting material to be waterjet or plasma, please let your Sales Staff rep know the application because in a lot of cases we may be able to advise more efficient ways to process

(a) A #4 Finish/180 Grit equivalent (ASTM A480) defines a #4 finish simply as ‘General purpose polished finish, one or both sides and is a standard in the light fabrication industry. It is used for work surfaces, handrails and where appearance is important (i.e. stainless steel applicance finish) For fabricators the #4 finish is directional allowing easy matching of surfaces and refinishing of welds. It is duller than the other common mill finishes, 2B and BA which are not polished and is used where lower reflectivity or gloss is required and where welds and other fabrication marks are to be refinished.
(b) A #8 Finish is a mirror finish also known as a “dairy” finish and is seen on dairy tank trucks.
(c) If an RA or RA 2B polish finish is required please ask when quoting

The heat generated during a polish may bend the metal. Typically we turn it over and polish the other size which will straighten the material back to norm. However we cannot guarantee flatness when Polishing.

True bar is flat bar that is made as “BAR”. Sheared and Edged is sheared from sheet or plate and run through a gauer machine that straightens and puts an edge on it but not a “perfect” edge.
True Bar has sharp 90 degree edges while sheared and edge has rounded edges.

Brass, Bronze and Copper are red metals. When ordering, please specify what grade type you require. AMPCO/B-/CDA all with a no. will specify the type of red metal to order. There are also certain specs for copper which when called out we can inform you of.

Corrosion Resistant Steel

Please let us know how we may support your needs. Our Sales Staff is available to answer your questions and provide any technical information you may require. Click ‘Sales Staff’ or ‘Contact’ tabs for the latest contact info.

Please note: Effective 7/1/2023 all credit card charges will incur a 3% credit card fee.
We do not surcharge debit cards. Thank You.

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