Within that past three decades, the demand for high grade stainless steel has dramatically increased for numerous applications and industrial sectors. Alliant Metals Inc. responded to that demand by distributing pre-finished raw materials at lower prices than competitors. Our materials are distinguished by their durability, aesthetic qualities, and technical performance.

We established our reputation as the most reliable industrial metal distributor in the country by delivering high-performing, corrosion-resistant stainless steel material in various shapes and sizes specific to the diverse needs of our customers. For 30 years we have been expanding our rich inventory, which includes round, square, hex, flat, plate, sheet, round, and rectangular tube/pipe and angle in high-grade stainless steels.

Due to their incomparable mechanical, physical, metallurgical, and corrosion-resistant properties, our metal materials are used in thousands of applications and multifarious industrial markets and sectors, such as:

The large array of products we offer enable us to fulfill your specific requirements. With an understanding of exactly what you need, we can tailor our products and services to be a perfect fit for your industry. If you’re still uncertain about if our products are right for your industry, you can call us at 800-543-1453 or email us at