Value-Driven Industrial Metal Polishing Services at Alliant Metals, Inc

Alliant Metals, Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art tools to provide a broad range of metal polishing services. Our services are tuned to the most complex industrial metal polishing requirements. We carry out all polishing and surface finish services in-house, thus optimizing the time and cost factor on your project. Alliant Metals’ continued investment in precision polishing tools gives our customers more value for their dollars.

At Alliant Metals, Inc. Our Metal Polishing Services Cover Stock Such As:

  • Stainless steel plates
  • Sheets
  • Square and flat bars
  • Square or rectangular tube and pipe

Metal finishing polishing services from Alliant Metals, Inc. offer multiple benefits. They help obtain a smoother surface finish, thus reducing the coefficient of friction. Metal polishing also enhances the cleanliness of the metal’s surface, helping you clean the surface better and faster than unpolished surfaces. And, if you are simply looking at enhancing the cosmetic and aesthetic appeal of metal surfaces, it can be achieved through metal polishing.

We encourage you to discuss the nature of your metal finishing and polishing requirement with us, and we shall draw from our extensive experience to provide the most appropriate surface finish.

An Overview of Our Polished Stainless Steel Finishes

2B Mill Finish

It is a standard finish that is smooth, bright and moderately reflective and may exhibit a slight luster. It is a preliminary finish for further polishing. It is obtained this way from the producing mill.

#4 Satin (180 grit) RA30-39

A #4 polish finish has a 180 grit grain in one direction (specified). It prevents mirror-like reflectivity and is used where sanitary surfaces are required. General purpose bright finish with visible grain.

#8 Mirror Finish RA 2-4

The # 8 Mirror finished is also known as a dairy finish and is used on dairy tanks as it has a highly reflective finish with the grain marks polished out. (notice in picture you can see image of camera person!) It truly has mirror-like reflectivity. With no grain marks, sanitary properties are highly attained.

Timesaver with flatbar ready to be polished

There are a variety of finishes available on stainless steel. Alliant Metals Inc. performs in-house Metal Polishing Services on plate, sheet, square and flat bar as well as square and rectangular tube and pipe to a #4 (180 grit) polish.
We have a Timesaver and Stroke Sander to polish these forms in-house. Some customers require RA surface finishes and in most cases we can meet these requirements by measuring the surface finish with our profilometer.

However, the quality of the finish is dependent on the quality of the metal being polished. For example some alloys of steel cannot be brought to a mirror finish. We polish 96″ x 240″ in the short direction and up to 132″ maximum length on larger sizes. We will source OD polishing on tube and pipe if needed and can get other RA finishes as well to ensure you will enjoy a one-stop shopping experience with Alliant Metals Inc.

If you need a specific RA finish, give us a call at 800-543-1453 and let us help.

We can use our experience and expertise as a distributor of stainless steel to your absolute advantage. To learn more about how we can successfully address your metal polish needs, speak with a trained Alliant Metals, Inc. representative today.

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