Quality Control

Alliant Metals Inc.
134 B Route 111
Hampstead NH 03841
Telephone: 603-329-4488
Fax: 603-329-4317
Corporate Officers:

President: Mr. Chris Buchanan
Vice President and Treasurer Mrs. Raelene Riley (Vice President)
Secretary: Carol Navarria (General Manager / Quality Assurance)
Administration: Chris Buchanan President, Quality Manager
Marketing: Raelene Riley Vice President
Accounting: Carol Navarria General Manager, Quality Assurance
Mfg/Prod: Jason Pomerleau Warehouse Manager
Quality Inspection Paul Brule Quality Inspection/supervisor
Purchasing: Andrea McCarthy Office Assistant/Quality Documentation

Alliant Metals Inc. has a written Quality Assurance Manual which complies to MIL I 45208a Specifications since 1988.

Upon request the Quality Control Manual will be enclosed.

Our calibration method complies to: ISO 10012-1: ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 (formerly known as MIL-STD-45662A) with Hunt Metrology.

General Info:

Years in Business: 1987 – current Sq. Ft. Mfg: 15000 Sq. Ft. Office:1500
No. Employees: 20+ Mfg Emp:12 Office Emp: 08
Quality Emp:3-5 (Note: duties overlap) SIC Code: 5051 NAICS:423410 CAGE #: 4ARM7

Supplier Key Question Response

Production Equipment:
1 AMADA HFA 500S – Cutting Saw up to 20” diameter
1 AMADA HA16S – Cutting saw up to 16” diameter
2 HEM Model H105A – Cutting saw up to 12” diameter
1 HEM Model H130 16” max diameter
2 AMADA PC SAW 330 – Cutting saws up to 13” diameter
1 Roper Whitney SHEAR – Cutting sheet up to 120″ wide
1 MG 100 AMP Plasma Cutter 6” THK MAX
1 Flow Corp Dynamic Water Jet Cutter – 6’ x 12’ table
2 Polishers to 180 Grit or #4 Polish of plate and bar stock
1 Cincinnati Twin-Grip Centerless Grinding – to 6” diameter

Alliant is a non-union shop. We have no scheduled shutdowns. Alliant Metals
Inc. is a metals distributor. Our average lead time is 2-3 days with 99% on-time delivery. We currently operate with 2 split shifts.

Description of Material:
Stainless steel bar stock, plate, sheet, tube, pipe [ red metals and specialty metals (inconel, titanium, alloy)] as well

Special Process:
Outside Processing: Grinding, Heat Treating, Laser Cutting, Polishing, Forming and Bending

In-House Processing:
Shearing, Saw Cutting up to 20” diameter, Plasma Cutting to 6” Max, ;
Polishing of plate and flat bar; Water Jet cutting up to 72 x 144, 6” thick

Alliant Metals, Inc. maintains a corrective action system. REFER to our QC Manual Item 5.7 Corrective Action.

Supplier Self Assessment:
The elements as listed on this cover letter and the attached Survey have been evaluated to the best of our ability and for each item indicated as such, written procedures exist and there is sufficient documentation or records to show evidence to substantiate compliance with the written procedures.

If/when you choose to perform an on-site audit all customers are welcome but advance notice is required due to liability purposes.

Carol Navarria
Quality Assurance/General Manager
Alliant Metals Inc.

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Please note: Effective 7/1/2023 all credit card charges will incur a 3% credit card fee.
We do not surcharge debit cards. Thank You.

Alliant Metals Inc.

134 B Route 111 Hampstead, NH 03841 New-England, United States

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