15-5ph Stainless Steel: Properties and Best Uses

15-5ph stainless steelWhen it comes to stainless steel, there are many options on the market.  Each version carrying its own properties and benefits.  Thus, it is always best to consult with an expert when deciding on which steel product is best for your project’s need.  The professionals at Alliant Metals take pride in their extensive knowledge and exceptional customer.  That is why they have created this helpful on 15-5ph stainless steel.

Heat Treatments

A modified version of the 17-4ph, the 15-5ph has a more refine microstructure.  The refined structure provides improved toughness.  Because of the modifications, the 15-5ph has a low temperature hardening.  However, because the steel can be heat treated at a variety of temperatures,  a wide range of properties can be attained.


Corrosion Resistance

Designed to be corrosion resistant, the 15-5ph stainless steel is similar to that of the 17-4.  With laboratory testing, the material showed very little rusting after 500 hours of extreme heat exposure.  To be more exact, the exposure was 5% salt fog at 95°F.    Further, the general level of corrosion resistance is best in a fully hardened condition.  Decreasing only slightly as the again temperature is increased.  The excellent corrosion resistant properties make this material suitable for a range of different industries.


Product Composition

Carbon                 0.07 max.

Manganese         1.00 max.

Phosphorus         0.04 max.

Sulfur                    0.03 max.

Silicon                  1.00 max.

Chromium           14.00-15.50

Nickel                   3.5-5.5

Copper                 2.5-4.5

Niobium               0.15-0.45


Physical Properties

Metric                  Imperial

Ultimate Tensile Strength                            1310 MPa           200000 psi

Yield Strength                                                  1170 MPa           184900 psi

Modulus of Elasticity                                     200 GPa               29000 ksi

Elongation at Break                                       10%                      10%

Hardness, Brinell                                            420                       420

Hardness, Knoop                                            451                       451

Hardness, Vickers                                           445                       445

Charpy Impact                                                10J                        7.38 ft.lb


Common Applications

One feature of the 15-5ph stainless steel is the versatility it provides.  The following are a few areas in which the steel can be utilized:

          • Aerospace
          • Aircraft components
          • Petrochemical
          • Metalworking
          • Nuclear Components
          • Pulp and Paper Factories



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