2B Mill Finish – Understanding Stainless Steel Stock Options

As one of the biggest suppliers of stainless steel stock, we know metals. From the physical properties to finishes, our team of experts is here to help you make informed decisions about which products are best suited for specific jobs.

For example, stainless steel is a superior metal that resists corrosion, is widely used as a raw material for manufacturing several industrial and domestic equipment. By nature, stainless steel withstands harsh conditions in application areas. The metal is provided with a superior finish to augment its physical properties. Here comes the relevance of mill finishes. Mill finishes, whether hot or cold rolled, give a smooth surface sheen and clean surface. Moreover, the coating helps enhance the cosmetic appeal of the metal being coated. Amongst the categories of mill finishes such as 1D, 2D, 2B, and 2D, the topic of discussion here is 2B mill finish. This finish is the most common as it is cost-effective and easy to apply.


Application to stainless steel coils

During the process, a dull silver-gray finish is applied to stainless steel coils. Then, the thickness is reduced or made even using the cold rolling method. Next, is heat-treating the coils to create a uniform microstructure, and also to enhance the metal’s mechanical properties. After heat-treating the metal, the process known as pickling, or descaling occurs. This process ensures the complete removal of chromium depleted dark surface layer from the metal surface.

Furthermore, pickling helps to restore or enhance corrosion resistant properties of the substrate being coated. The last and final step in the 2B mill finishing method includes, cold rolling the substrate using polished rolls. This process provides a smooth, even, reflective, and grey sheen on the substrate.


A Wide Range of Applications across Industries

This stainless steel finish is ideally suited for food processing, chemical, and industrial applications. The equipment that are fine finished using this technique include:

  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Sewage treatment equipment
  • Sheet metal products
  • Small tanks
  • Wheel covers
  • Paper mill equipment
  • Vacuum drum driers
  • Laundry and dry cleaning devices

Even though 2B mill finish can provide a comprehensive coating to resist the harshest industrial conditions, the quality of the finish is directly dependent on the quality of the substrate being coated. Some alloy combinations in stainless steel cannot be provided with an exceptional finish using a 2B mill finish. Hence, polishing service providers must carefully examine the stainless steel alloy combination before applying 2B mill finishing technique.


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