3 Reasons to Use Steel Targets

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Everyone who owns a firearm knows that safety is paramount, and an essential part of firearm safety is familiarity and proficiency with the weapon you own. There’s no better way to become familiar and proficient with your firearm than to practice. However, not all practice is equally effective, so you want to ensure you make the best use of your time on the range. To do that, you need the right targets. Many firearms experts prefer steel targets to make good use of your time on the range.


Here are three reasons why steel targets are a top choice for firearms practice.


Get in More Rounds in a Session

Time on the range is precious, both because it’s in high demand and because you’ve got a busy schedule. So when you manage to squeeze in a couple hours’ target practice, you want to make the most of it. With steel targets, you can get more rounds in without having to stop to replace or repair the target. Using steel over paper or cardboard saves you the time of having to ceasefire and hustle downrange to adjust your target.


Improve Precision Shooting

Because a hit on a steel target is audible, you have immediate verification of a hit or miss. If you don’t hear the ping of the bullet hitting the target, you know right away that you have to adjust your aim. Painted steel targets also allow you to see where on the target you hit and immediately assess your accuracy. You can also set up targets at various distances so you can practice hitting multiple targets without having to reset constantly.


Practice in More Environments

Steel targets are easier to set up than cardboard or paper targets, and you can position them in more places downrange. Their versatility allows you to put your targets in places so you can practice shooting from unconventional positions. This is especially helpful if you want to practice shooting on uneven ground or from tricky angles.


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High-Quality Steel Targets from Alliant Metals

When used safely, steel targets are excellent for improving your proficiency with a firearm. At Alliant Metals, we provide high-quality AR500 steel targets for safe and effective target shooting.


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