Achieving Smooth Component Finishes with Centerless Grinding

When it comes to effective methods to produce cylindrical steel components with a smooth surface finish, one of the best methods used by many industrial companies is centerless grinding. This is a fast and simple procedure that can help companies to produce a number of cylindrical components such as pipes, tubes, pins, round bars, and various types of shafts.

centerless grinding services

How Does a Centerless Grinding Machine Work?

A centerless grinding machine consists of a grinding wheel, a regulating wheel, and a work rest blade. The stationary grinding wheel removes unwanted chips of material from the component. The regulating wheel usually has a diamond nib for high speeds abrasion. The wheel moves along with the component, and the nib gives the component helps to create a fine surface finish. The component is placed on top of the work rest blade for support during the centerless grinding process.

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