Where to Aim on a Silhouette Target

On top of the steel gong targets that Alliant Metals sells to customers, we also offer steel silhouette targets that are great to take with you to the range. We’ve talked about the benefits shooting ranges offer anyone who is interesting in learning how to use a firearm before, and there is a lot that is found out from even one afternoon on the range. That said, shooters who are using a silhouette target for the first time might question where they are supposed to shoot.

To begin, the kind of silhouette target can yield a difference response. If you are unsure, it’s ideal to ask the experienced shooters and staff at the range. You will be surprised to learn just how quickly each is willing to help someone who is trying to learn the ropes. These answers can also depend on your end-goal.


If you’re shooting for score, you are often shooting for the highest scoring area. Many times, the highest points reside in the center of the midsection, and scoring works similarly to darts. The closer you are to the center, the better your score.

Self-defense and practice

Often, many people enjoy attending the shooting range to learn about gun safety and the best ways to protect themselves if they become threatened. In shooting situations of self-defense and other similar practices, the center of mass of the chest is often the ideal place to aim.

Though every range and an instructor can heed different advice for where to point, understanding the basics of firearms is the ultimate goal. By learning how to operate a gun under the supervision and help of others more experienced, you will be able to find a new appreciation for what it means to be able to defend yourself properly.

Luckily, there are businesses like Alliant Metals who want to make your shooting experience better than before. Our steel targets are a great option over paper targets to help improve your shot as well as provide shooter satisfaction of hearing the “ping” when the bullet hits!

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