Are Steel Silhouette Targets Safe?

If you’re looking for a safe solution for target practice, considering steel silhouette targets can be your most reliable option. Generally recognized as safe and functional, it’s crucial to know what time of steel is being utilized in production. In order to maintain the industry’s safety standards, targets should be created from high-quality, heat-treated steel that has a Brinell Hardness Number of at least 500.


steel silhouette targets


Slightly softer than armor steel, AR500 should be used for creating steel targets. However, it’s important to remember that not all targets are made the same. AR500 will allow safe target practice from a handgun as close at 10 yards. Anything less than AR500 will be softer and leave the risk of deformity with impact. Not only can you ruin your target, but you can also increase the risk of shots ricocheting if using scrap metals or metals of a lesser quality.


Desirable benefits

An AR500 steel target will provide you safety features as well as several other desirable benefits. For instance, this type of target will last through several thousand shots. Of course, this is if guidelines are followed. Another benefit that is desirable to many people is the “ring” sound that is produced when hit. This allows instant confirmation of a hit or a miss. Below are a few other benefits of utilizing an AR500 steel silhouette target:


  • AR500 works for several different types of guns and rifles
  • This type of target has been heat-treated to provide a higher level of hardness
  • Easy assembly and transportation
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durability and longevity
  • Better shooting time with a reduction of target changes


Here at Alliant Metals, we have the inventory of steel silhouette targets that you’ve been looking for. Although we utilize AR500, recognize that you’re shooting at your own risk. Always follow firearms safety guidelines and rules when engaging in target practice.


Call the team at Alliant Metals today for more information (800) 543-1453. Please note that our steel silhouette target is not intended for use with armor piercing rounds. Buckshot and BBs will ricochet and should not be used.


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