Benefits of Steel Targets

Whether you are a gun enthusiast or a member of our trained forces, target shooting is a must.  Optimizing your skill is imperative to successful training and when you are on the field.  Many options are available for target shooting. So how do you choose the right target for you? Steel targets are unmatched in durability and engineered for safety.  When following the proper guidelines, these targets can take your shooting abilities to the next level.


More durable than paper targets, high-grade steel targets will last through tens of thousands of practice rounds.  Furthermore, these targets will not lose its shape.  Being able to utilize a single target without replacement guarantees that you will save time and money.  Although, over time steel targets may incur damage.  For a variety of different reasons, the targets may dent, chip, or even warp.  Should any damage occur with your target, be sure to replace it immediately.  A delay in a replacement could end in harmful results. Safety should always be taken into consideration first and foremost with any target practice sessions.


Often used for military and police training, the steel target provides many benefits beyond durability.  For instance, the target provides the trainee immediate feedback on their shot.  When hit, a steel target will produce sound.  Knowing whether the bullet hit or missed makes for better correction practices from the trainee.  The sound also provides for faster turnaround in between shots.  Knowing what to correct eliminates the pause of checking your paper target to see how you did.

Most steel targets are hung from a support system.  The way these targets are designed allows them to become a moving target for the trainee. This mobility can benefit the shooter by further sharpening the skill level.  In many cases, a standing target is much more attainable than one that is moving.

Offering a variety of high-quality gong and silhouette targets, contact Alliant Metals for your steel target needs.  Made from heavy-duty AR500 steel, these targets can handle a 300 win-mag, 22/250, 338 Lapua, and a 556 green tip when used at the recommended distance.  For more information, call (800)-543-1453 or visit them online.

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