Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Alliant Metals has been distributing stainless and other alloys in the metal img6
industry for over 30 years, and have learned and embraced most of its cutting and polishing technology since our opening. These advancements mean we’re able to stay current in all metal cutting processes, including waterjet cutting. There are so many reasons to consider waterjet cutting for your next stainless steel plate and sheet parts, but here are a few of the most influential benefits we can think of.

Precision Cutting. If your specs are extremely specific or intricate, waterjet cutting might be the best option for you.  Waterjet cutting is precise to .005 of an inch which is equivalent to half the thickness of a human hair leaving a tight edge and no burr which often eliminates the need for secondary finishing.   Any CAD drawn shape can be nested to cut on the waterjet table.

Environmentally friendly. Of all cutting procedures out there, waterjet cutting is considered the most ecologically sound practice. This process produces no hazardous waste as the abrasive is garnet and is a natural product that does not contaminate our environment.

Materials are not subjected to extreme heat. The structural integrity for metal materials, especially in cases like stainless steel plate and sheet are extremely important. Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process where the materials are not subjected to extreme heats and therefore will not change the intrinsic properties of the finished part.

Cuts nearly any material. Waterjet cutting’s extreme speed makes cutting almost any material seem like breeze even stainless steel up to 3 inches thick. The only material known to not cut on a waterjet is tempered glass as it will shatter. Besides stainless, cutting aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, carbon steel, titanium and many other non-metal items are easily processed on a waterjet

No matter your project, our experts are working to give you the best product possible. Waterjet cutting is well worth the added production time when quality and tight tolerances on specs are a concern. Using these technologies, we’ve been able to produce the highest quality pre-finished pieces possible.

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