Alliant Metals COVID-19 Response
POSTED ON April 20, 2020 IN Uncategorized

  As an essential business, Alliant Metals remains open and ready to serve your needs. As a company providing metals and stainless steel to various companies listed under the critical manufacturing sector of our nation, we are dedicated to supporting customers, suppliers, and employees during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic.   Although our … Continue reading Alliant Metals COVID-19 Response

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2B Mill Finish – Understanding Stainless Steel Stock Options
POSTED ON March 21, 2020 IN Alliant Metals

Stainless steel, being a superior metal that resists corrosion, is widely used as a raw material for manufacturing several industrial and domestic equipment

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Differences between 316L Stainless Steel and 304L
POSTED ON February 21, 2020 IN 304 stainless steel

The basic and most prominent difference between Grade 316/L and Grade 304/L stainless steel bar is their chemical composition.

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Importance of Surface Finishing Stainless Steel
POSTED ON January 21, 2020 IN stainless steel distributors

The use of stainless steel is increasing at a faster rate due to its strength, formability, durability, and corrosion resistance.

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Are Steel Silhouette Targets Safe?
POSTED ON December 21, 2019 IN Alliant Metals

If you’re looking for a safe solution for target practice, considering steel silhouette targets can be your most reliable option. Generally recognized as safe and functional, it’s crucial to know what time of steel is being utilized in production. In order to maintain the industry’s safety standards, targets should be created from high-quality, heat-treated steel … Continue reading Are Steel Silhouette Targets Safe?

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