Why Choosing Your Steel Targets Matter

If you’ve ever been in the market for steel targets for your shooting experience, you might have noticed that your selection for target options is numerous.  With so many to choose from you might think the best option for you is the cheapest metal alternative in a GONG or Silhouette because metal is metal.   Alliant Metals wants you to know that simply is just not true.

Though all metal targets of a certain thickness may weigh the same per size due alliant-metals-targetto the density factor; the hardness factor will be significantly different if you buy the less expensive, cheaper steel.   If you are not getting a metal Hardness rating of 450 or higher, then you are receiving a quality steel not made for the purpose of tactical shooting and when used for high caliber rifle shooting, will not be as strong or durable.  In fact, it will pit, split and sometimes pierce right through or worse, ricochet.  This can create an unsafe surface for you to shoot on and pose a danger to anyone standing near.

At Alliant Metals, Inc. our metal targets come with a Certificate of Conformance verifying the Hardness of 450 or more.   This test report is very important to obtain.  If a supplier is not willing to provide this documentation, BEWARE.  You may be getting a target that is metal, but it is not the metal you need for high velocity, high caliber rounds.

Call Alliant Metals Inc., our supply of ½” thick AR500 steel is currently verified at a HARDNESS factor of 495 and will provide hours of intense shooting before having to buy another target.   We can also provide less thick AR500 that is more common in the market such as 3/8” thick  though Alliant Metals Inc, has chosen to stock AR500 ½ inch thick steel for the durability when using high caliber, high velocity ammunition and for high powered rifle shooting.

Finally, Alliant Metals Inc., is a metals distributor with the ability to custom cut targets not just in the normal GONG or Silhouette shape.   We can customize thickness, size, and shape to your specification.

With more questions about metal targets or AR500 steel, give us a call today at 800-543-1453. We deliver to most of New England free of charge!

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