Common Applications for NIT60 Stainless Steel

Being a stainless steel distributor in NH means we have a lot of questions about our product selection and what our metals can offer our customers. In many cases, we’re asked their most common applications, and what they offer that specific industry. Our NIT60 stainless steel is no exception, and as an all-purpose metal, we can think of a few “everyday” uses that might be of interest to you.

metal-polishing1Automotive valves. With its high strengths, durability to wear, and temperature flexibility, NIT60 can be a safe and reliable metal option. It will last in a car with extreme heat and last for over 50,000 miles as a vital aspect of a vehicles valve system.

Pins. When it comes to prosthetics and other human applications, its important that pins will not wear or rust in the body, and fit well to the patient. This means having a tolerance for friction with the ability to last longer than other metal alternatives.

Marine shafts. Being resistant to oxidation and corrosion means NIT60 can survive and strive in moist or wet applications like marine shafts. This strength means it will last longer than some other competing metal options.

Bridge joints. These structures face a number of outside elements including water, impact, and extreme high and low temperatures. NIT60 helps withstand the friction and its anti-galling qualities means it will be safe and sturdy.

Whether you are strictly interested in NIT60 stainless steel for your next project or are just simply interested in the products we carry, our experts at Alliant Metals are happy to help. Being in business for over 20 years means we know a thing or two about how metal can benefit your line of work. With more questions about our services, give us a call today at (800) 543-1453.

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