Metal Cutting Services

At Alliant Metals, you will receive tight tolerance parts with desired shape, size, length and thickness from all metals. We understand that your success highly depends on the perfection and precision in every metal part. Alliant Metals’ metal cutting services and saw cutting services is intended to provide accurately cut metals to carry out further manufacturing or assembly of parts, components, equipment or machinery used in:

  • Medical devices
  • Automotive
  • Electronic
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace
  • Fiber-optic
  • Electrical and many other diverse industries

Backed by the team of efficient, skilled and experienced workers, Alliant Metals have been providing metal cutting services which include precise water jet cutting and plasma cutting to cut a wide array of materials in any form you required.

Our Capabilities at a Glance

Alliant Metals extensive capacity with large selection of superior grade cutting machineries provides unmatched precision and burr-free parts for varied applications. We have gained a substantial competitive advantage in the market due to efficient and reliable service with the help of:

  • Powerful and highly advanced metal cutting machineries including the finest range of saw cutting machineries
  • Premier cutting facility
  • Computerized cutting speeds and feeds
  • Programmable operation for maximum set-up flexibility, tightest tolerances and shortest and change-over speed

Also by availing metal cutting services from Alliant Metals, you will receive high quality results in short delivery times, substantial material savings, and expert advice on profiling shapes.

Advantage of Our Plasma Cutting and Water jet Cutting Services

We utilize environmentally sustainable methods and technologies to precisely cut various types of materials. By choosing plasma and water jet metal cutting methods, we have proven that our commitments to provide our customers with superior grade results without affecting the material being cut as well as the environment.

Our metal cutting services department utilizes plasma cutting and waterjet cutting methods because of the following reasons.

  • Both the methods are ideal to cut a wide range of materials without distorting the work piece
  • No heat generated in the cutting process
  • Narrow HAZ
  • High quality cut edge
  • Minimal need for secondary finishing operation
  • Suitable for cutting thick materials

Over several years of providing successful customer service, we know the requirements and expectations of varied industrial sectors. We work with several customers every day and help them to precisely cut desired materials for making parts with highly repeatable lengths, without end-deformation, distortion or delamination.

Laser Cutting with the Mazak New Turbo-X Jr.

We now have the capacity to laser cut up to 13 Gauge stainless sheets that are 48 x 48 inches. Laser technology vaporizes and cuts stainless steel with perfection and precision.

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