An Inside Look From Your Stainless Steel Vendor: Centerless Grinding

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As a top stainless steel vendor in the Northeast, our team at Alliant Metals excels in providing customers with a range of services. Beyond stainless steel, we offer various alloys, grades, and forms of diverse metal applications. Centerless grinding is one of the most common and oldest machining processes. Used for removing metals from workpieces, this technique is preferred by manufacturing facilities specializing in high volume production runs.


Centerless grinding is preferred over other grinding methods for several reasons:
  • Easy machining of brittle materials without causing deformation
  • Long parts are machined with precision
  • It can render accurate roundness, excellent surface finish, and dimensional tolerances to the workpiece


How it works

The centerless grinding application begins by placing the workpiece between two wheels – the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel. Rotating in the same direction at different speeds, these wheels in combination with the work blade support and hold the work at the correct height and positioning.

The grinding wheel, a stationary wheel, rotates on an axis to perform the grinding action. Comparably, the regulating wheel, which is movable, applies  lateral pressure onto the work towards the grinding wheel. Further, the regulating wheel controls the speed of rotation.

Although a crucial piece to the process, the regulating wheel does not remove any chips of material from the workpiece. During centerless grinding, the materials to be cut turn with the regulating wheel at the same speed. On the other hand, the grinding wheel turns faster on its axis and removes any foreign chips of materials as it passes by. When it concerns centerless grinding, there are two common techniques; through-feed and in-feed grinding. With many similarities, the two techniques differ primarily in the application of metal into the grinding wheel.


stainless steel vendor


What we can do for your company

While some stainless steel vendors focus solely on providing customers with metal inventory, at Alliant Metals, we take service a step further. Not only do we specialize in stainless steel, but also in grinding to exceptionally close tolerances. When partnering with a provider, it’s imperative to ensure they can grind the outside diameter to any shape – round bar, tube, pipe, pins, mixer and pump shafts, to name just a few.


At Alliant Metals, we’ve become the number one stainless steel vendor in the region because we offer more. From an intensive inventory of metals and alloys, to superior machining capabilities, we have your best interest first at hand. For more information on how we can serve you, contact Alliant Metals today by calling (800) 543-1453.

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