What Industries Use Stainless Steel?

A wide variety of industries use stainless steel. The steel can be a part of a product or used in manufacturing. Does your industry need stainless steel?

Food processing

This metal is used in food processing machines to keep a sterile environment. Bacteria are unable to survive on stainless steel, so it won’t affect the food products. Stainless steel products for this industry can include food preparation surfaces, knives, industrial food preparation machinery, or even ovens and food transport systems.


Stainless steel can be used in manufacturing vehicles for aesthetic purposes or high performance. The steel is durable, and therefore it’s perfect for vehicles that are often used and at high speeds. Top quality automobiles tend to have more stainless steel parts, but the steel is used in all automobiles for parts such as wheels, wipers, or air bag assemblies.

Home appliances

Many homeowners prefer stainless steel for their home appliances for easy cleaning and aesthetics. Stainless steel kitchen appliances are highly prized, to the point where many homeowners buy them specifically to raise the value of their home.


Stainless steel is used in the energy industry due to its ability to stand up to high stress and temperatures. It can be used to construct anything from wind towers to nuclear reactors. It won’t corrode at high temperatures, and it’s durable enough to stand up to the harsh environments often produced in the energy industry.


This metal can be used in construction as durable roofing material or for building facades. It’s been used in construction since the 1920s due to its aesthetic quality and durable functionality. Since the metal won’t corrode due to nature, it’s prized for keeping buildings looking new and lasting for long periods of time.


Stainless steel is often used in the medical industry to keep things sterile. The metal is easy to clean and creates an environment that won’t let bacteria thrive. This steel is so widely spread in the medical industry that there are grades of steel colloquially referred to as “surgical stainless steel.”

Whatever your industry is, there’s a use for stainless steel. Its aesthetics and durability make it the perfect choice for nearly any application. Contact us today to learn what stainless steel can do for you.

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