Achieve Superior Cut Quality Using Alliant Metals Inc. Plasma Cutting Services

Plasma Cutting is a process that in the 1980s became a productive way to cut diverse shapes out of sheetmetal and plate. At Alliant we plasma cut 1/8” thick to 2.5” thick plates. If tight tolerances are not a concern; plasma cutting is a more cost-effective way to cut shapes versus waterjet cutting. Plasma cut pieces are cleaner edged than oxy-fuel cutting also known as torch cutting but not as clean as laser or waterjet cutting. Basic plasma cutting uses electricity to superheat air into plasma which is blown through the metal it is cutting.

Ornamental and signage companies utilize CNC Plasma cutting for their varied applications. All metals including mild steels, stainless steels, and other conductive alloys and materials can be cut on Plasma machines. CNC Plasma machines have been used in all industries inclusive of automotive, HVAC, education, artwork/ornamental, and signage as stated above just to name a few.

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