3 Desirable Features of AR500 Steel Targets


AR500 steel targets


If you’ve been to a shooting range before, you have most likely seen a number of paper targets available for the more novice shooter. Though paper targets get the job done, AR500 steel targets are a better option. Often used for military and police training, this target type offers several benefits when used on a range. Offering high-velocity impact without compromise, an AR500 steel target requires experience and discretion.


Audio Confirmation

With a steel target, you can hear the contact. Having audio confirmation, especially with long-range shooting, provides a level of satisfaction that your aim is on par. The instant gratification in knowing your shot was accurate also increases the opportunity for any needed tweaking. Knowing what techniques are working to your advantage and where you can make improvements improves the effectiveness of your session.


Environmentally Friendly

In a world that is more environmentally conscious than ever before, having a reusable solution is essential. Unlike paper targets, AR500 steel targets can be used time and time again. As the strongest grade of steel, this target provides superior abrasion resistance as well. Not only is this ideal for the environment, but also your safety. Dents and abrasions, which are common in other forms of metal, are known to project or ricochet in unpredictable manners.

At Alliant Metals, we back our AR500 steel targets with a certificate of conformance/test report showing all the properties held within the steel. One element you’ll notice is our AR500 comes in a Brinell hardness greater than 450! It’s imperative to ensure any targets purchased include Brinell hardness of at least 400. If not, you’re investing in a poor metal quality that may be potentially unsafe and won’t hold up with constant use.


Tactical shooting

AR500 steel is the most highly recommended target for tactical shooting. Knowing instantly that contact is made with a target improves your muscle memory and can be applied when dealing with moving objects. Aiding your body with this knowledge automatically increases your chances of hitting the target again, ultimately refining your accuracy one accurate shot at a time.


steel targets


If you’re looking to increase your target shooting game, it’s time to consider AR500 steel targets. Whether gong or silhouette shaped, Alliant Metals has the range of options your skillset requires. However, if you’re not finding what you were hoping for, simply contact our team to discuss shape customization options.

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