Pros of AR500 Steel Targets

AR500 Steel SilhouetteIf you’ve been to a shooting range before, you have most likely seen a number of paper targets available for the more novice shooter. Though paper is a great option, AR500 steel targets are an even better option. Used often in military or police settings for training, this target type has benefits when used on a range, and Alliant Metals understands the reasons why you might want to invest in this heavy duty option.

You can hear the contact. If for nothing else, there is a satisfaction that comes from seeing and hearing your target be hit by your own shot. There is instant gratification in knowing you were accurate, and often increases the fun of knowing exactly what techniques are working to your advantage and where you can make improvements.

Reusable. Unlike paper targets, our metal targets can be used time and time again. The durability of the AR500 ½ inch thick metal we use means you can bring your targets with you to the range, and make use of any space that permits long range shooting when hanging them from a frame. Average stand off distance is 100 yards for rifles and 25 yards for pistols. Even though you will hear and see where the impact of your high caliber ammunition hit when done you can repaint the target or flip it over for continued hours of shooting.   All our metal targets come with a certificate of conformance/test report showing all the properties of our steel. Make note that our AR500 comes in a Brinnel Hardness greater than 450! This specification is what makes tactical metals as durable as needed for high caliber shooting. Always ensure that any targets bought claiming to be AR500 have a Brinnell Hardness of at least 400! If not, you are buying a poor quality metal which will not hold up to constant use.

Recommended for tactical shooting. Knowing instantly if you made contact with a target actually improves your muscle memory, and can be used when dealing with moving objects. Aiding your body with this knowledge automatically increases your chances of hitting the target again, ultimately refining your accuracy one accurate shot at a time.

If any of these benefits interest you for your shooting range needs, consider purchasing an AR500 steel target in Gong or Silhouette shape from Alliant Metals’ full line of options. Ranging in size, shape, and price, you’re bound to find a target that matches your needs and budget. In addition we will customize your target to any shape you can think of if requested. Give us a call today at (800) 543-1453 to learn about our options and to speak to our experts.

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