Metal Shearing Services

Sometimes, metal sheets are required to be cut in square rectangular shapes, with certain thicknesses and lengths without forming chips or without burning or melting. You can achieve this by employing the easiest and most suitable process – metal shearing. However, you may need to partner with a reputed and industry leading metal shearing service provider in order to cut your metal stock to the proper size with precision and fine finish. At Alliant Metals, we help you cut your large sheets of metal into smaller pieces of predetermined rectangular sizes accurately without causing any damage to the metal being cut.

Alliant Metals – Brings you High Precision Metal Shears

Alliant Metals, widely recognized as a nationwide metal shearing service provider, has successfully completed several major metal cutting projects on time and with extreme accuracy. With the meticulous support of expert workers and with the aid of top-notch shearing machines, we have been providing our customers with a wide range of sheet metal cuts as they required for many years.

Our metal shearing service department is well equipped with advanced machines to provide you with high quality and accurate shears in accordance with your detailed specifications. Partnering with us gives you certain advantages such as:

  • We possess the capability to produce various sizes of square or rectangular shapes of shear pieces with high tolerance for use in further machining.
  • We produce metal shears by consuming less energy while creating minimal waste.
  • We proceed further with the metal shearing process after carefully analyzing the type of material, thickness of the material and the kind of shear cuts needed.
  • We possess expertise in precisely cutting materials such as Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Mild steel and Stainless steel.
  • We can produce precise metal shears that you need quickly in the fastest turnaround time possible. Hence, you don’t experience any delay in getting the parts you need.

Hitherto, we have been serving a wide range of customers with the quick delivery of high quality metal shears that are exceptional in terms of precision, reliability and cost effectiveness. Some of the industries or markets we serve include:

  • Concrete
  • Construction
  • Food Processing
  • Forging
  • Paper Mills
  • Petro Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Machine Shops
  • Research and Development

The Trusted in the Name You can Partner With

With immense experience and ample knowledge in the area of sheet metal shearing, we have gained expertise in shearing sheet metal from 26 guage to 7 guage desirable blanks, shims, or other components. Besides providing metal shearing services, we are also recognized in the industry for providing some additional services like metal polishing and centerless grinding services.

Come to us with your sheet metal requirements and give us the specifications; we shall shear the metal pieces in any size and length quickly and precisely at reasonable prices.

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