Stainless Steel Sheet Applications

Stainless steel is a miraculous metal that is highly corrosion resistant, combats stains, holds up remarkably well to water applications, holds well on welds, and often requires a low-temperature heat treatment to fit to a project which helps with the structural integrity of your project. Alliant Metals offers stainless steel sheets for a number of clients, but there are a few industries that commonly use these sheets.

Building materials. When it comes to the safety of a building or forms of architecture, working with materials you can rely on are most important. Stainless steel sheets can be used for internal and external use, protect other materials, and improve overall construction.

Food preparation surfaces. Nonporous surfaces that can be easily cleaned and maintained are desired for any food preparation stations, and stainless steel fits all of those categories well. Sheets can be cut in longer pieces to avoid gaps, preventing contamination.

Marine applications. Salt water does a number on homes, cars, and especially boats. 316 Stainless steel’s ability to resist corrosion and rust means that its application to your marine equipment greatly improves its longevity and strengthens its structure.

Aerospace. Our 17-4PH stainless steel grade is commonly used in the aerospace industry because of the materials ability to hold form, withstand outside elements, and has great formability when heat-treated.

If you’re business is in need of stainless steel sheets for your next project, get in contact with Alliant Metals. Our online specs make it easy to know which metal grades we can create with each product and all of our raw products are sent with a pre-finish to make your manufacturing easier than before. With more questions give us a call today at (800) 543-1453.

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