Complete Treatment Services for Stainless Steel Square Tubes

Alliant Metals, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of stainless steel square tubes. The square tubes are available in various specifications, and are popular choices for applications in industries such as architecture, construction, food and beverage, transport, and marine industries.

Standard and Customized Solutions for Stainless Steel Square Tubes

These square tubes are well-known for their aesthetic look and feel and corrosion resistant properties. These metals are known for their flexibility as they can be cut using a variety of cutting equipment. We provide the tubes in 304 and 316 stainless steel as well as aluminum and some other alloys as well.

The cutting equipment also ensures precise dimensions throughout the length of the tube. Our standard lengths provided to customers range between 12 ft. and 20 feet; though we can provide lengths up to 24 feet. Our saw cutting equipment can cut tubes in sizes of up to 20′ in diameter.

Eclectic Tubing and Polishing Options

All of our products come with a standard mill pre-finish—2B. To enhance the aesthetics of the tube, we also provide polishing services. The tube can be polished with #4 (180 grit) polish, or fine finishes such as RA30-39, and other RA# finishes. This allows us to provide you the products in a shorter lead time, which reduces your overall expenditure.

If you would like to know more about our stainless steel square tubes, you can contact us via telephone on 800-543-1453, or via email at