Steel Target Maintenance Tips

For anyone who has invested their money in steel gong targets or steel silhouette targets, it is common knowledge that they require little maintenance because of their strength and structure. Though most shooters will wait weeks before buying a new paper or carbon target, Alliant Metals has a few suggestions for our customers to ensure the longevity of their AR500 steel gongs or silhouette metal targets..

 Inspect your targets before each use

For weeks if not months steel targets will leave the shooting range unscathed, no matter how many times you hit them.  However, after repeated use there will be a point  where you notice warping, dents, cracks, or other surface damage at which time we often suggest retiring that target to avoid the risk of a potential ricochet bullet.

Turn your targets over

Much like a tire rotation, flipping your targets over can protect against  normal wear and tear. Targets, after multiple uses, can start showing surface damage and ultimately will impact its integrity. By flipping your plates back and forth, it can avoid this problem from occurring and keep it as flat as possible.   Remember too that you can enjoy hours of fun by repainting each side of the target using metal paint to demonstrate your shooting skill.

Invest in quality targets

One of the best ways to prevent the general wear you find with metal targets is to purchase targets made from quality materials. For that reason, Alliant Metals makes AR500, 1/2-inch steel targets  and has the certificates to prove it!  Do not just trust your steel target to even be AR500 steel if a vendor cannot provide the Test Certificate showing the properties of your purchase.  As all steel looks alike determining the quality of the metal is paramount to ensuring you have a quality steel target shooting experience.  Buy quality and you will replace your targets less and enjoy shooting more!

Having 30 years of metal, alloys and steel experience has allowed Alliant Metals the time and resources to understand what it takes to make a lasting steel target. With our clients’ satisfaction and product quality in mind, we worked long and hard to create a target ideal for hunters and marksmen.

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