The Many Uses of 416 Stainless Steel

416 stainless steel

Stainless steel is everywhere. We find it in everything from household objects to specialized equipment. At Alliant Metals, we supply stainless steel products for many industries, each with their own unique requirements. In this article, we’re going to look at a versatile alloy with uses across several industries: 416 stainless steel.



416 stainless steel is a type of martensitic stainless steel. Its martensite crystalline structure makes this alloy very hard and strong, which is why it is good for so many varied uses. The chemical composition of 416 is 12-14% chromium, 0.15-0.75% nickel, and 0.15-0.75% molybdenum. The high chromium content gives the steel excellent resistance to corrosion and staining, while the addition of molybdenum improves its overall corrosion resistance, particularly against chloride-ion stress corrosion cracking.


Let’s take a look at the many and varied uses of 416 stainless steel.


Common Uses

416 stainless steel performs well in many applications. Here are some of its most common uses.


  • Fasteners: Because it is strong and tough, 416 is a common alloy for fasteners, such as nuts, bolts, and screws.
  • Valve components: The high corrosion resistance and durability of 416 steel make it a popular choice for valve components. It performs particularly well in harsh chemical and industrial environments.
  • Cutlery: 416 steel’s harness and toughness make it great for knives and other cutlery. Its corrosion resistance also makes it good for food use.
  • Surgical instruments: The high corrosion resistance of 416 stainless steel makes it a popular choice for surgical instruments because they need to withstand repeated sterilization and cleaning.
  • Firearms: Another common use is the manufacture of firearms, particularly of barrels and other components that require high strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Automotive components: Due to its high strength and durability, 416 steel is also used in the manufacture of automotive components, such as drive shafts and engine components.


416 stainless steel

416 Stainless Steel from Alliant Metals

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