Waterjet Cutting: Operations and Applications

Immeasurable power lies in speed and the saying is proven with the technique of water jet cutting. Unbelievable as it may sound but water when applied at a particular speed and in combination with some abrasive elements can actually cut through fragile materials and metals. Not known to most men is the fact that a jet of water when pressurized up to 50,000 PSI becomes powerful enough to be used as a cutting and slicing tool, which can be used for a gamut of applications. Waterjet cutting in that case can also be used for drilling and making holes into materials with ease and with better performance than other heat-treated cutting methods.


What is Waterjet Cutting and How Does It Operates?

The process of using a high-pressure flow of water mixed with abrasives in order to cut a wide variety of materials and metals is called waterjet cutting. The technology of using a Waterjet for cutting requirements have been in use since the 1970s and the process was mainly used to cut wood-fiber tubes. With time and further innovations, this cold-cutting method developed further to cut other materials mending metals, which soon began to replace other conventional cutting processes.

The process of waterjet cutting begins as a sleek stream of water with high pressure and velocity that is ejected from the nozzle of a water pump. The waterjet cuts the materials into the desired shape with precision. The water in this process is mixed with certain abrasives like aluminum oxide or garnet that facilitates the overall cutting method with accuracy. Being computer-controlled, the process provides 100% performance precision in a chemical-less and environment-friendly manner.

Industrial Applications

Waterjet cutting is widely used for varied industrial sectors for a wide array of cutting, designing and shaping purposes.

  • Aerospace industry uses this technique for cutting, shaping and reaming of tight tolerances of, intricate yet sophisticated aerospace components
  • Mining industry uses the method to drill and cut rocks in hard-rock mines and coal mines
  • Food industry uses the waterjet for cutting vegetables, meat, fruits and other products like breads and cakes.
  • Firms dealing with metals and stones use waterjet for cutting a variety of materials like aluminum, steel, phenolics, brass, plastics, cork, marble, titanium, granite, concrete and so on.

Besides being an environment-friendly and pollution-less cold-cutting technique, waterjet cutting is a dustless, isothermal, versatile, no-heat and clean process. As a contemporary cutting process with relevant benefits Waterjet cutting will continue to improve with further innovations.

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