Ways of Cutting Steel

There are a variety of ways to efficiently cut stainless steel. What are the differences, and which is best for your project? Take a look at this quick guide to know the best way to cut steel for your metal needs.


This method uses an abrasive wheel to cut through the metal. The resulting cut is rough, but this is one of the fastest ways of cutting steel if you’re only working with a small amount. For more industrial purposes, grinding may not be the best choice.


This is a cutting method which makes quick cuts, but the resulting metal needs to be finished. The edge will be rough, but it will be an effective cut. You also have a good amount of control over the cut during the process.


This is a highly effective cutting method for most steels. However, it is more dangerous as it involves melting the metal around the cut. This process does not work for stainless steel, as the chromium layer on the surface of the metal makes it stable at higher heats, so it’s much more difficult to cut with heat.

Water Jet

Water jet cutting is an efficient method of cutting that can be done quickly. The water jet also leaves a clean and smooth finish on the edge of the metal. At Alliant Metals, we use water and garnet abrasives to cut steel with precision. This method allows us to create complex shapes in material up to 6 inches thick, without creating unnecessary waste.

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