What are the Varied Metal Shearing/Fabrication Services?

Metal shearing services provided by reputed service providers have indeed withstood the test of time even in the age of laser and plasma cutting. The process is still known as one of the major aspects of metal fabrication and is still in demand by several industrial sectors.

On top of that, reputed and responsible fabricators make sure to provide extreme accuracy and efficiency to clients and their projects. They do so through their precise metal shearing services meeting exacting requirements in terms of metal thickness, length, smoothness and finish. Nowadays, most service providers engage high-tech processes like programmable back gauging to ensure perfect precision and accuracy.

Metal fabrication involves several unique shapes, sizes, designs and finishes and all these are achieved through multiple expert processes, which clearly signify the amount of hustle and demand confronted by the industry. Apart from the traditional shearing or fabrication methods, most companies are using computerized aided designs and robotics to achieve better and more precise results. This for sure is adding an extra edge to the metal shearing services.

Following are Some of The Most Popular Metal Shearing/Fabrication Services:

  • Cutting: Cutting is the most typical form of achieving desirable shapes out of metallic sheets and the same can be done either through traditional methods or through high-end technical tools. Different tools and techniques are involved to get desired shapes and sizes. Manually it requires tools like chisels, saws and shears. Mechanically it can be done through grinding, milling and turning.
  • Roll forming: Roll forming is able to produce longer and thinner forms of metal in larger quantities. It is perfect for creating a cross section of products with the help of computer simulation as the process involves different sets of requirements. The method is known for its strength and capacity to cut costs.
  • Bending: This process is used to achieve rectangular and other shapes like that of ‘V’, ‘U’ and channel shapes of metals with the help of manual methods or automated operations, and the latter works faster and with greater precision. This cost-effective shearing technique comprises several sub-processes to acquire specific shapes.
  • Shearing: It is a process of precision cutting that uses typically straight or curved cutting blades that provides clean cuts without any formation of chips. This is one of the most common fabrication methods that is used to cut metals before they are given desired forms.
  • Stamping:This metal working process involves a machine press or similar equipment to create forms on sheet metals. Based on the principles of standard stamping, the process is CAD enabled to ensure maximum precision, minimum mistakes and maintenance of production volumes.

Apart from these processes, plasma cutting and hydro-forming can also be taken as two other popular metal services provided by fabricators.

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