What is AR500 Steel?

When discussing our steel gong targets with customers, the experts at Alliant Metals are often asked what AR500 steel is. For those who have never bought a steel target before, it’s a valid question, especially with all of our targets are created from the same metal. Our professionals want our customers to understand our standards, and why AR500 is the only steel we should use for their metal targets.

So, what is AR500?

AR500 is a hardened steel that is commonly used for targets, armored applications, truck plows and in mining. It is tempered and designed to be abrasion resistant, which makes it ideal for high wear applications. With a high Brinell hardness number (BHN), AR500 steel is perfect for targets because of its functionality and safety. By providing impact resistance, bullets are more likely to hit a flat surface on the target and follow usual ricochet patterns. When softer steels are used and deformations occur, there is a much higher possibility for an unusual bounce back that could cause injury.

On top of providing the safety that many shooters are looking for, it also provides the durability necessary for the range. By creating steel gong and silhouette targets that are an investment worth making, shooters will spend less time buying targets and more time enjoying them.

It is important to know that about hardness for steel targets is that a higher BHN is not necessarily better. Many times, an extreme increase in hardness will only make your product durability worse instead of improving it as the steel is more brittle.  This occurs predominantly in rifle shooting vs handgun due to its velocity and power upon impact.

Alliant Metals knows all there is to know about steel targets because we specialize in metal distribution! We are dedicated to providing quality services for all of our customers and deliver products with only the highest standards.

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