What Is Stainless Steel?

As a distributor that specializes in stainless steel products, we can sometimes forget that our clients might not know all that we do about this metal. Every now and then, we get some specific questions about it, and one of the top questions we love to answer is, “What is stainless steel made of?”

Stainless steel is an iron alloy (a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements) that is comprised of silicon, nickel, chromium, nitrogen, carbon, manganese, and more. These elements can be adjusted in the finished alloy to meet industry specifications or standards.

Though all elements are important to the overall quality and durability of stainless steel, chromium might be considered the most essential. Chromium is a corrosion resistant, hard, transition element that ultimately helps stainless steel have the strength and resistant properties that many industries utilize. So, the higher the chromium content within stainless steel, the more corrosion resistant the steel will be.

Because of these corrosion resistant properties, stainless steel has been used by many industries that are in need of products, equipment, and tools that require sterilization, moisture, outside elements, and dependability. Architecture, automotive, food, dentistry, and medical are just a few to be named.

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