Why Do We Polish Stainless Steel Products?

stainless steel products

We’re used to seeing a shiny finish on stainless steel products, but why is it there? Is it only to make it look better, or does it have some practical benefits? The short answer is “both,” but when it comes to a specialized product like stainless steel, the long answer is a little more complicated. At Alliant Metals, our goal is to provide top-quality stainless steel products to our customers, and this includes polishing them to the right shine.


Let’s take a look at the reasons why polishing stainless steel products improves their quality.


It looks good.

We can’t count out the visual appeal of polished stainless steel. Many domestic appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers are made from stainless steel. People don’t want something that looks like a dull hunk of metal in their kitchen, so polishing the surface makes these items more attractive to customers. It’s also important for stainless steel equipment in commercial or industrial environments to look nice. Working in a space that has an aesthetic appeal is more satisfying and productive for the workers.


It’s easier to clean.

The simple fact is that it’s much easier to clean a smooth surface than a textured one. Dirt and grime are less likely to stick to a surface when there are no ridges or cracks. The ease of cleaning also makes polished stainless steel more hygienic, which is especially important for medical facilities, commercial kitchens, and other places where cleanliness is paramount.


It improves corrosion resistance.

Although the chemical makeup of stainless steel alloys contributes to corrosion resistance, stainless steel is not completely immune to corrosion. Polishing stainless steel removes imperfections and contaminants from the surface of the metal, which helps to deter corrosion. This is especially important in environments where the metal is exposed to moisture or harsh conditions.


It lasts longer.

The applications of stainless steel are primarily in circumstances where you need the appliance or equipment to last a long time. Stainless steel on its own is a pretty durable material, but polishing the surface to keep it clean and help prevent corrosion will improve its already impressive durability.


Stainless Steel Products from Alliant Metals

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