Why Stainless Steel?

Though it might seem obvious to anyone who has bought stainless steel products from Alliant Metals in the past, the power of this metal might not be as recognizable to some. We hear about stainless steel appliances and fixtures, but what can stainless steel really do for you? The answer is more than you can imagine.

As a low carbon steel, stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance because of the chromium used in the metal. Not to mention, the film placed over the metal can help heal itself when it might become damaged. So, aside from the anti-corrosion properties, what else does stainless steel have going for it?

It’s strong

When you need a product that will last, stainless steel is an ideal option. Used commonly in construction and marine work, you’ll notice that stainless steel is a metal of choice for many because it is reliable for the biggest and smallest jobs you can imagine.

It has a long life

When constructing a new piece of equipment, building, and more, getting the most use out of the product is essential. Not only can you lower costs down the road with this investment, it is easy to maintain.

It has high resistance extreme temperatures

Using a metal that will hold up in high and low temperatures allows many industries access to places and environments they have never been before and being able to retain strength and mechanical properties is a crucial requirement.

It’s recyclable

Even brand new stainless steel is created by at least 50% recycled material. Companies that are aware of their carbon footprint might solely invest in this metal because of its high recyclability that benefits multiple industries.

It looks great

With so many finishes and polishes, you will always be able to find a stainless steel that looks great. Not only does this metal help with structural integrity and other important aspects of nearly any tool, it creates a lasting impression.

So, now that you’ve heard all the benefits, what are you waiting for? Alliant Metals would love to tell you more about our stainless steel products and our available finishes for your next project, no matter your industry. With more questions, call us today at (800) 543-1453.

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