The Stainless Steel Bar. Everything You’ve Always Wondered.
POSTED ON May 21, 2021 IN Alliant Metals

Ever wonder if stainless steel bars were right for your application? Here’s a look.

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347 Stainless Steel: The Alternative to 304 Stainless Steel
POSTED ON April 21, 2021 IN 304 stainless steel

347 stainless steel is a modified version of 304 with the addition of Columbium and Tantalum – making it the ultimate choice for many jobs.

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Is There a Difference Between 303 Stainless Steel and 304?
POSTED ON March 21, 2021 IN 303 stainless steel

303 vs. 304. What’s the difference and which is better for your intended application?

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420F Versus 420 Stainless Steel
POSTED ON February 21, 2021 IN 420 stainless steel

Do you know the differences between 420 and 420F stainless steel?

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Is 303 Stainless Steel Right For Your Application?
POSTED ON January 21, 2021 IN 303 stainless steel

303 stainless steel is known for its high level of machinability with the addition of sulfur. But, is it the best for your application?

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