Understanding Steel Targets
POSTED ON July 12, 2017 IN Steel Targets

Alliant Metals wants to provide our customers with as many details as possible about steel targets, and here are a few things you should be aware of.

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What is AR500 Steel?
POSTED ON May 24, 2017 IN Metal Cutting Services

When discussing our steel gong targets with customers, the experts at Alliant Metals are often asked what AR500 steel is. For those who have never bought a steel target before, it’s a valid question, especially with all of our targets are created from the same metal. Our professionals want our customers to understand our standards, and why AR500 is the only steel we should use for their metal targets. 

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What Makes Stainless Steel Stainless?
POSTED ON May 10, 2017 IN Industrial Metal Applications

Specializing in stainless steel products means that the experts at Alliant Metals know nearly all there is about the metal. Sometimes, we can forget that not everyone knows everything there is to know about it. Some of our favorite questions to answer are the most obvious, including, “What makes stainless steel stainless?”

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Tips for Choosing Your Stainless Steel Grade
POSTED ON April 20, 2017 IN Uncategorized

Knowing when you need 300 series, 17-4PH or 400 series such as 420 stainless steel versus 420F can be difficult, but the experts at Alliant at here to help. We have a few tips and considerations when choosing your grade.

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What Sets Alliant Apart?
POSTED ON April 10, 2017 IN Metal Distributors

Since 1987, we have worked with businesses across the United States that love our work because we have standards that set us apart from our competitors.

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