Advantages of Steel Silhouette Targets for Shooting

steel silhouette targets


The average shooter uses cardboard, hay bales, paper targets, or clay disks for target practice. But have you ever considered steel silhouette targets? When it comes to understanding metal, Alliant Metal does it better than anyone else. Local to southern New Hampshire, we provide the best-rated steel for tactile shooting. Now, here are the benefits of steel for shooting practice.


Instant Feedback


Many firearm enthusiasts love the instant feedback a steel target provides. Unlike paper, steel silhouette targets make a noise when they are hit. Also, this audible feedback helps the shooter train and program their muscle memory. Further, it’s building the subconscious ability to repeat the same action over and over. Thus, the shooter will quickly build up their ability to consistently aim accurately.


Fun Factor


While it might sound funny, steel targets are excellent in the entertainment category! Additionally, the falling, spinning, and movement of the target is another form of instant feedback. It helps the shooter gain confidence at all levels of skill. Furthermore, the durability of a steel target means you can spend more time shooting and less time setting up new targets! Over time, this will put money back into your pocket since you don’t need to replace it! But, if the target is damaged, it’s best to stop using it to prevent injury.


Options for Steel Silhouette Targets


When choosing the type of steel for a target, there are only a couple of options. The ideal AR steel types are AR500 and AR550. Anything less would be too soft, whereas the steel would be too brittle if it were harder. You want a predictable and consistent splatter to prevent cratering. Subsequently, it’s best to have a flat surface. Moreover, the flat surface also prevents the bullet from splattering back towards the shooter.


ar500 targets


Alliant Metals: AR 500 Steel Targets


You don’t want the metal to result in an injury, so we use AR500 ½ inch steel. Furthermore, we can customize the size and shape to your preference. Therefore, if you’re looking for steel silhouette targets, give us a call at 800-543-1453 or visit our website.


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