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What Makes Stainless Steel Stock Stainless?

A question often wondered, but rarely asked. What makes stainless steel stainless?

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3 Desirable Features of AR500 Steel Targets

    If you’ve been to a shooting range before, you have most likely seen a number of paper targets available for the more novice shooter. Though paper targets get the job done, AR500 steel targets are a better option. Often used for military and police training, this target type offers several benefits when used … Continue reading 3 Desirable Features of AR500 Steel Targets

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Gun Safety 101

As a company that sells steel gong targets, we have the audience and opportunity to teach new shooters a thing or two about the importance of gun safety.

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Achieving Smooth Component Finishes with Centerless Grinding

When it comes to effective methods to produce cylindrical steel components with a smooth surface finish, one of the best methods used by many industrial companies is centerless grinding.

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