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How Has Stainless Steel Changed the World?

We’ve recently passed the 103rd anniversary of stainless steel’s creation, and there are so many ways this metal has impacted our lives throughout the years. Alliant Metals specializes in products like 420F , 420 stainless steel, 300 series, 17-4 because we understand and appreciate all the ways it has benefited society. In just over a century, we can think of a handful of ways this metal has changed the world’s industries.

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Stainless Steel Sheet Applications

Stainless steel is a miraculous metal that is highly corrosion resistant, combats stains, holds up remarkably well to water applications, holds well on welds, and often requires a low-temperature heat treatment to fit to a project which helps with the structural integrity of your project. Alliant Metals offers stainless steel sheets for a number of … Continue reading Stainless Steel Sheet Applications

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